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Hi there! I'm an..
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🕹️made Pico Untamed
✨dms are open ig lol

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Posted by TrickWithATwist - 3 days ago

Hey yall, here with some updates on the game that I've been working on.

For starters lemme give u some info on it so u know what it's about. This is going to be a small but fun Sonic The Hedgehog quiz game inspired by those sonic quiz flash games made in the early 2000s. I'm still pretty new to game dev but got pretty good at using widgets so I thought this would be a cool project to try out. Here are some screenshots!iu_481223_7555517.pngiu_481224_7555517.webpiu_481225_7555517.png


Posted by TrickWithATwist - 8 days ago

Hey all. Sorry if I haven't been active here that much, been super busy with other stuff. Working on a cool small game tho! Might come out on Sunday :)



Posted by TrickWithATwist - October 3rd, 2021


From the bottom of my heart.. Thank you.

It means so much to me, that I see that 300+ people like to see what I do.

I'm absolutely amazed. Ya know what this calls for? A BIG PARTY! :D


just comment a reference of your OC down below and (if i can) I'll draw it roasting marshmellows with mine and a ton of other ocs :))



Posted by TrickWithATwist - June 16th, 2021

Pico Untamed News:iu_331698_7555517.webp

Hello! For people who r interested in the development of Pico Untamed and have excitement for what the final game will offer then I have an update for you! : D To start things off, as we are working on fine tuning the game and improving the the game's aspects I have been working on making the art a lot better. Here's a little sneak peak at Pico below (left is new right is old)!


We've also been making changes to the gameplay as well. A lot of people were commenting about the inventory/weapon selection system in the game and saying that they can't use the Uzi like they could in Pico's School. This feedback from players created an occasion for gameplay change and hopefully it will end up being more convenient. We plan to make players able to shoot their gun freely by clicking the Uzi icon in the inventory like Pico's School and also have it replace the need for an ambush button. That's all for now but there will definitely be more gameplay updates in the future.

Speaking of the future.... We're currently looking for people who would be willing to playtest Pico Untamed later in the year before we release the final version. If you have a discord, are active, and can provide detailed feedback then please leave a comment! :)))

Other news and stuff:

I'm not sure if I said this already but to my fans/followers thank you guys so much for 250+ fans. It really means a lot to me and I can't wait to share more art and animations with you guys soon! I'm working on a couple animations at the moment and I'm so excited to finish them so you all can see!!1! :)))



Posted by TrickWithATwist - June 1st, 2021


Pico Untamed is among the many games you can vote for today! Please consider checking this game out if you haven't and vote for it :))))

Also off topic but thank you so much for 200+ fans and 100k+ views on Pico Untamed



Posted by TrickWithATwist - May 7th, 2021


Before I say anything else I just want to really thank you all for supporting the new game I helped develop recently called Pico Untamed, I can't even fathom all the attention/support it has gotten in the last 6 days since launch. Seriously thank you so much and also whoever put it on the Front Page THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG THIS IS CRAZY!!!11 And if getting a front page wasn't crazy enough I also passed 100 fans?! What the heck?! This is a such milestone for me cause I never thought an amateur like me would ever get this far in such a short period of time. Honestly you people are amazing and I'm just kind of speechless rn. Thank you. Thank you so much. I'm gonna upload more art,animations,etc on here and finish Pico Untamed very soon. Newgrounds really is an amazing place to share your creations :)))


Posted by TrickWithATwist - May 2nd, 2021